We help busy small, rare-disease focused biotech companies revamp, revitalize or build compliant, value-producing, global medical affairs shared services, through consulting, execution strategy, benchmarking, process initiation and proven organizational modeling. We are experts in operational excellence between Medical Information, Medical Communications and MSL Team launch preparation and audit readiness prior to first launch.  

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Your Medical Affairs operational functions should not be seen as merely a 
necessary function or compliance burden. Perception is reality.
With our framework and approach, Medical Information, Medical Communications, Publications and Field Medical Teams are going to become the cohesive engine behind medical affairs innovation, strategy and stakeholder partnership.

Prospective Planning

Our strategy and formula for structuring GMA operational departments facilitates the development of multiple budget savers and value added tactics including a customer insight model that can be used by all MA stakeholders to accurately meet patients and providers MI and MC needs.

Strategic Systems

Compliance doesn’t have to be seen as a challenge. We create systems and processes to discover, uncover, and recover value in MI initiatives while keeping you audit-ready. New CIA? Takeover? New MSL Team? Globalizing? Just getting started? We help you plan and execute flawlessly.

Respected Reputation

Every department needs to demonstrate value to the organization in order to be respected. We know the stress of being the head of medical information. We help you develop the KPIs, Metrics and the right organizational design and tactics for your corporate ecosystem.

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