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#V3Podcast Episode 8 with Dr. Anne Arvizu and Guest Amy Ravi

In this episode, I open the show talking about what’s going on in medical communications and medical affairs with the rise of COVID-19. My aim for this episode is to bring some digital or remote working solutions in Medical Affairs to light. Today, I bring colleague and fellow company owner, Amy Ravi on the show, to discuss creative ways for you to benefit right now. Hopefully the conversation we have sparks some ideas regarding things you can implement now to navigate change over the next few months and beyond. Are you losing staff or ramping up staff? Are you busier than ever or struggling in some way? Every company is different. We discuss virtual technologies and platforms that you can use regardless of your status. Ami Ravi is founder and CEO of Extendmed.

We discuss client trends we are seeing, including the needs for consultants and virtual advisory boards. The biggest driver is needing a back-up plan for our functions that was due to take place. Amy says her clients are shifting meetings from in-person to reconstructing it virtually. They also need to gather insights beforehand because it’s harder to stay engaged online for eight hours. Instead, people are creating discussion boards with written content. It’s incredible how people are revamping and repurposing these meetings to make things work.

That’s innovation in my opinion!

Next, I ask Amy to explain the essential elements anyone can use today to move advisory boards online. The first and most important step is to address the question of the crucial nature of an advisory board. Don’t be so product-focused – think about offering support to health care professionals and their patients. Virtual advisory boards can take on the tone of ‘overtime’. Think about how to engage with people over a series of months. Other ideas regarding engagements with HCPs and how that may change are discussed in the episode.

We agree, the world will change drastically after the COVID-19 outbreak. Companies don’t need to continue getting together for every advisory board. Consultants can be based at home. Both actions will save long term costs and help redefine what’s essential for every business.

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In this Episode:

  • The most significant demands right now [ 8:15 ]
  • How to move advisory boards online [ 16:30 ]
  • Is it difficult to get in touch with advisors? [ 20:45 ]
  • Are the outcomes different from virtual engagements? [ 23:30 ]
  • Are any product areas taking a hit right now? [ 26:40 ]
  • How will the world change or differ after COVID-19? [ 29:45 ]
  • About Extendmed [ 32:40 ]


  • “We should share information in real-time online.” -Amy Ravi
  • “Defining essential does not mean it has to be labeled COVID-19.” -Amy Ravi
  • “There are essential aspects to continuing our advancement across the board.” -Amy Ravi
  • “Without health, we can’t function.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu
  • “Don’t get bogged down in the how. Find the what and the why and the how will emerge.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu
  • “If you are listening to this episode, you are lucky, and you are blessed.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu
  • “If you are an essential worker, my hat goes off to you, and my prayers go up for you.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu
  • “I’ve seen companies ramp up so quickly without having the bandwidth to do so.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu
  • “We don’t have time for yesterday’s news.” -Dr. Anne Arvizu

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About Anne:

Dr. Anne Arvizu, creator and host of the V3 Medical Affairs Podcast, is founder and CEO of RxER Communications Corp (www.rxercommunications.com). With 22 years of executive leadership experience in the pharma/biotech industry, she has served in key roles such as Head of Global Medical Information, Knowledge Management & Literature Surveillance for Baxter, Baxalta & Shire; Member Executive, PhactMI; International Regional Head & Director of Medical Communications & Medical Information for GSK, LATAM; DIA MASC Program Committee & Track Chair for The Drug Information Association; Podcast Founder & Host for The ACMA (#V3Podcast) (The Accreditation Council For Medical Affairs); Board Member of The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), and, as an advocate for community health, she serves as Chair, South Florida YMCA Board of Directors in her community. She holds degrees for University of Florida (PharmD), University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and Villanova University.  Anne currently engages biotech CMOs and VP Level executive clients as an expert consultant for Medical Affairs Capabilities build, renovation, and value-based business expansion. We are your outsourced VP of Medical Affairs.

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