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Our expert approach to Medical Affairs operational capabilities build is unique. Your team is going to become the engine behind #raredisease medical affairs innovation, strategy and patient-centric success.

OUR FOUNDER, Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC

Global Medical Affairs Advisor

"I first founded RxER Communications in 2002, with the idea of providing medical information in its purest sense.  Our tagline, "The Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Time​" says it all. RxER opened the doors to its first operational headquarters in 2004 and went on to serve many multinational top Pharma clients. Now, we've evolved. We specialize in the operational aspects within medical affairs that are specific to small biotech, rare disease developers. We help you keep pace with the industry futurist trends and build and scale for success. Today we serve small biotech clients across the globe (Latin America, US, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific & Japan) as the premier source of bench-marking, patient-centric product positioning and GMA operations build for the rare disease market.
My team and I are demonstrated global team builders, organizational design strategists and visionary leaders in the Biotechnology Fortune 500 space. I'm a former senior biopharma executive & C-suite consultant with 23 years of progressive global leadership experience in our industry, adept at building and leading global medical affairs operations. My experience across CR&D/GMA helps me understand your customer universe quickly and bring you cost-saving, targeted, executive consulting solutions, fast. We excel at bringing molecules to market and your Medical Affairs departments to life. Call us to assess the build, globalization or renovation of your MSL, Medical Information, Medical Communications, Publications or Medical Governance functions, today.
Let RxER help you become a master at value-vision casting, start-up or renovation of your GMA operations and pre-launch deployment and key activities. Leveraging our proprietary, Corecentryx business framework, let's future-proof your organizations.

RxER is your premier Medical Affairs partner. My team and I look forward to making your organization shine!

To your success,


Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC
CEO and Medical Affairs Advisor











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We are MI/MC globalization experts. Bring your product information to the market seamlessly and develop an operational plan for launch excellence.

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Operated by medical information professionals with over 25 years of biotech and pharmaceutical industry executive leadership experience.

Act as the one-point contact for all your medical information needs with wide access to medical advisors and partners in specific niche areas.

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